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Make a team in LOL maybe? (^_^)

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    @louis is maybe looking to

    create a ranked team called Undead Zombie Ferrets he think we should use the tag more in the games we all play…

    I think this would be good for promoting the community too. the uzF association, Undead Zombie Ferrets, uz.F Core

    The team would be only uzf’s , i think lol would make uzf more popular than it is now , so who s up for lol rankeds 5×5? Please add me ign is CportcmenCuba i m currently silver 1 elo . @z0mb1ebob what do you think bout this? maybe its a dumb idea , i dunno yet):

    don’t think its dumb, I think it is a good idea and could help promote the uzF community

    EEP EEP! Requesting backup, I’ve got the Bomb! >.zB

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