Developers and Sysadmins – Urban Terror Demo Manager as a useful Data Extractor

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      Demo Manager adds a new level of usability to your Urban Terror demos.

      • Works for both Urban Terror 4.1 and 4.2 and all sub versions.
      • Associate DM_68 and URTDEMO files with Demo Manager for double-click-to-play functionality.
      • Read the contents of a demo without playing it.
      • See player names, aliases, server info, maps played, and player scores all without playing the demo.
      • Read player chat and server messages.
      • Organize your demos into subfolders under the normal demos folder – they will still be playable!
      • Play demos from anywhere on your computer – just download and double click – no more moving into the demos folder.
      • All demos become indexed and searchable.
      • Quickly locate demos where certain players are present, something was said in chat/console, or locate high round scores.
      • Save the demo contents as a Rich Text File (RTF).

      EEP EEP! Requesting backup, I’ve got the Bomb! >.zB
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      Hey zbob, would you by any chance still have the file somewhere? The original link is now dead 🙁

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      Hey @Biddle
      Sorry I looked but cant find, will try to look again when have time and check the IRC chan if they about )^+^_

      EEP EEP! Requesting backup, I’ve got the Bomb! >.zB
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