[UZF] set to compete in ClanBase Urban Terror Fall 2013 Team Survivor 5vs5

8 years ago

Hellowz bros! Thank you all for participating in the new website..if you haven’t already registered at the new website please do so zombieferrets.com/register

In the beginning there were few…in battle they were many (^_^)
#uzf http://goo.gl/3XiqXJ

I have finally been able to source the league tables..uzF are in Second League Group D. The tables are below, hover over the stars to see what that team have already won.

Looking forward to it, #uzf #urbanterror ‘core at the ready


Premier League
Group A
1 #end# Spain
2 b00bsDD Kazakhstan
3 fZ Portugal
4 vA France
5 VS Europe
6 SPA Spain
Group B
1 3F France
2 EasyFixit  Italy
3 GROM Poland
4 orKs France
5 rev Europe
6 r France
Second League
Group A
1 #cFg Poland
2 #MOFIA# France
3 kM Slovak Republic
4 Ninja  Europe
5 psyp Europe
Group B
1 OO  Tibet
2 btchz France
3 vSC  Germany
4 LeG  Portugal
5 Uu France
Group C
1 #MOFIA# 2 France
2 PD Europe
3 Lste Poland
4 vL Portugal
5 gitaN France
Group D
1 uzF United Kingdom
2 KRH Hungary
3 db United Kingdom
4 dR Portugal
5 h3 Germany


  1. z0mb1ebob

    so…who is our first match against guys?

  2. z0mb1ebob

    our first matches are with #dR – dont Rage & #rev Team Revival (^_^) good luck haaave faaaaan


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